The procedure for sending, reviewing and publishing articles

The journal “Problems of Fisheries” takes manuscripts of scientific articles and reviews dealing with the problems of domestic and global fishing, ichthyology, hydrobiology, industrial fishery, fisheries and aquaculture.

The journal “Problems of Fisheries” accepts for publication manuscripts of articles and materials which have not been previously published in other publications.

Manuscript must be accompanied by the expert opinion of the Institute’s Scientific Council that it is allowed to be published in the open press and does not contain information that should be protected from disclosure.

Articles submitted to the journal “Problems of Fisheries” are discussed at meeting of the editorial board, where compliance of article to profile of journal is defined, and reviewers are selected. The reviewers of the journal “Problems of Fisheries” are reputable scientists from fishery institutes, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other scientific organizations. A standard review form, which, if necessary, provides for the reviewer opportunity to give a detailed review on the manuscript, is situated on the journal’s website.

Comments on the manuscript, text with the reviewer comments and other materials are sent to the authors after reviewing. Corrected version of the manuscript is sent back to the reviewer after appropriate revisions. If the reviewer recommends this manuscript for publication, the editorial board makes a decision on acceptance of the article for publication. In case of authors’ disagreement with reviewer’s remarks, on the decision of the editorial board, the article will be sent to the arbitration judge for conclusion. In some cases, the article can be sent to several reviewers for a final decision. If the manuscript has received a negative review, a reasoned decision of the editorial board and reviewers’ comments will be sent to the author.

All reviews articles and materials are stored in the publishing and editorial for 5 years. Copies of reviews are sent to the Ministry of Education and Science for admission to the editor of the corresponding request.

After the manuscript was accepted for publication, it passes scientific editing. The editorial of the journal “Problems of Fisheries” reserves the right to make cuts and editorial revision of manuscripts that are agreed with the author.

Manuscripts which do not comply with all above rules are not accepted by the editorial.

If authors delay articles, returned them by editorial for revision, for a period of more than 6 months, these articles are registered as newly received.

Pdf-file (imprint) of published article is sent to authors.