Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies

Address: 17 Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya St., Moscow, 107140, Department of VNIRO Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies. Head of the Department of VNIRO Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies – Ekaterina Viktorovna Mikodina, Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor, off. 328, contact phone number: +7-499-264-90-54.

Lead engineer of the Department of VNIRO Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies – Svetlana Gevorkovna Podrazhanskaya, Candidate of Biological Sciences, senior research associate, off. 439, contact phone number: +7-499-264-00-89. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VNIRO postgraduate studies department was opened in 1934. Of 456 specialists with higher education working in VNIRO, there are 40 Doctors of Sciences, including 10 professors, and 115 Candidates of Sciences. High qualification of academic advisors, VNIRO research facilities furnished with modern equipment and a unique scientific library (over 250,000 items on the above mentioned areas) make it possible to train candidates of sciences at a very high professional level in compliance with the criteria of federal state educational standards.   

In VNIRO there are 2 specialized Dissertation Councils, for doctor’s and candidate’s degrees: 

·        Dissertation Councils Д307.004.01 for doctor’s and candidate’s degrees in area 06.06.01 Biological Sciences, in the following specialties:

o   03.02.06 “Ichthyology”

o   03.02.10 “Hydrobiology”

o   03.02.14“Biological Resources” .

·        Dissertation Councils Д307.004.03 for doctor’s and candidate’s degrees in two areas:

o   In area 19.06.01 Industrial Ecology and Biotechnology, in specialty 05.18.04 “Technology of Meat, Dairy and Fish Products and Refrigeration Production”;

o   In area 35.06.04 Technologies, Mechanization and Power Equipment of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Industry, in specialty 05.18.17 “Commercial Fisheries”.

Individuals who have previously completed the full postgraduate studies shall not have the right for the repeated state-subsidized postgraduate training.

Citizens of the Russian Federation who have higher professional education – a specialist or master – are enrolled in VNIRO postgraduate studies on competition basis.

VNIRO postgraduate studies can be either full-time or part-time.  

Admission to candidate’s thesis program without completion of academic and teaching staff training programs within postgraduate studies is fulfilled in virtue of Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (PDF form) dated March 28, 2014 No. 248.

Admission to doctor’s thesis program is fulfilled in virtue of Russian Federation Government Order (PDF form) dated April 04, 2014 No. 267.  

Terms of education in full-time program — 3 years, part-time program — 4 years.

In compliance with Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation dated 12.08.2011 No. 2202 and a local act of VNIRO (Order dated 16.11.2011 No. 97) terms of education in VNIRO postgraduate program can be four years on a full-time and five years on part-time basis in the following specialties: 

·        03.02.10 – “Hydrobiology”

·        25.00.27 – “Land Hydrology, Water Resources, Hydrochemistry”.

Persons admitted to a postgraduate entrance examination by the Admission Committee shall be provided with a leave of thirty calendar days to get prepared and take the entrance examination with retention of an average salary at work place.    

Documents accepting terms for 2014 – from February 01 to September 10.

Approximate period of entrance examination in 2014 — from October 01 to October 15.

Postgraduate candidates shall take the following competitive entrance examinations following the federal state educational standards for higher education: 

·        specialist discipline;

·        philosophy and

·        foreign language (English, German, Spanish or French).

No retaking of entrance examination is allowed.

Full-time postgraduates shall be paid an educational fellowship as of the day of admission but not until a resigning day from a previous work place upon submitting a work record book to VNIRO human resources department. 


Information for Applicants to “VNIRO” Postgraduate Studies 

Postgraduate studies are the third stage of higher education and assume training of academic and teaching staff of the highest qualification.

Persons having already received diplomas of postgraduate studies or diplomas of candidates of sciences do not have the right for state-subsidized second or any further higher education within the programs of postgraduate training academic and teaching staff.

Training in VNIRO postgraduate program is fulfilled at the institute’s own expense. 

Upon completing the postgraduate studies, persons who have been successfully attested, are given a document on education conferring a qualification of “Researcher. Teaching Research Fellow”.

Persons who have completed the postgraduate studies and defended a candidate’s thesis in the stipulated order are conferred a degree of a candidate of sciences in the corresponding specialty and are given a candidate of sciences diploma. 

Information for VNIRO postgraduate studies trainees
Postgraduates Attestation

Postgraduates annually take interim or final yearly attestation at the profile laboratory colloquium. Scientists from other laboratories, director, first deputy director, deputy directors, and head of the Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Department can take part in a colloquium. Terms of attestation: April 15 – 30 and November 15 – 30.

Full-time postgraduates are sent an invitation to attestation. 

The basis for the attestation is completion of individual study plans by postgraduates and persons adhered to postgraduate studies (applicants). Individual study plans shall be filled in two copies. One copy is approved in the stipulated order and kept in the Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Department. The other is a guidance document for a postgraduate or a person adhered to postgraduate studies (applicant) and their academic advisor. 

Upon an academic advisor’s initiative, any form of attestation at any year of studying can be appointed. Following the results of this attestation, a postgraduate can either continue their education or can be expelled.

At the last year of studying, a positive attestation is only possible in case of the successful pre-examination of a thesis.

Candidate’s Examinations

Terms of candidate’s examinations period are set by the “VNIRO” director. The order of holding candidate’s examination is prepared by the Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Department not later than one month before the beginning of candidate’s examinations. 

The basis for a postgraduate’s inclusion in the order of holding candidate’s examination on “History and Philosophy of Science” shall be a report on a subject and a foreign language – admission from a foreign language teacher.

Part-time postgraduates are sent an invitation to an examination session.