VNIRO Publishing House has existed since 1992 and is specialized in issuing of scientific literature in Russian and English languages (monographs, reference books, atlases, methodical manuals, periodic and other editions). The books published by VNIRO Publishing House are notable for high quality of editing, design and printing and are deservedly respected by authors and customers, among which are scientists, teachers of higher education institutions, authors of popular scientific literature. The priority theme of scientific, methodical, educational and other types of editions is determined according to the main trends of FSBSI (Federal State Budget Scientific Institution) «VNIRO» and is approved by Editorial Сouncil of VNIRO.

How to get books of VNIRO Publishing house

Dear buyers!

Books can be purchased by cashless settlement.

Purchase conditions for legal entities:

demand on the interested literature can be send by e-mail / fax with  indication of your requisites. You’ll be billed, and after you pay the bill, books will be sent by mail.

Purchase conditions for individual person:

demand on the interested literature can be send by e-mail / fax. The receipt for filling and payment in any convenient branch of the bank will be sent to you. After money transfer to the account of VNIRO books will be sent by mail.

Besides, it is possible to buy books directly in the publishing house, having paid the receipt through the bank (Saving Bank is opposite to the building of VNIRO).

Additional payment of post sending isn't required.

According to your desire, it is always possible to take out books by yourself.


Contact information:

VNIRO Publishing house Editor-in-chief – Borovik Natalya Eduardovna

Ph.: (499) 264-65-33

Fax: (499) 264-91-87 (with a mark "In Publishing House")

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.