Scientific monitoring of pelagic fishing in the Baltic Sea
02 August 2022

Scientific monitoring of pelagic fishing in the Baltic Sea

As part of the state task, specialists of the Atlantic Branch of VNIRO carry out scientific support of fishing for aquatic biological resources in the Russian part of the Baltic Sea.

The main object of fishing this year is Baltic herring (herring). The share of its production reaches 93% of the catch. Sprat (sprat) is noted as the dominant by-catch species, which accounts for an average of 7% of the catch.
The fish stocks of the Baltic Sea, exploited by domestic fishing companies, have the status of cross-border - they migrate to the zones of almost all Baltic states. According to modern international estimates, which are based on Russian data, the biomass of Baltic herring (herring) has reached the level of a precautionary approach.
In the context of modern political and economic challenges, regular monitoring work in the Baltic Sea, carried out by scientists of fisheries science and aimed at ensuring food security of the population of the region, is of particular importance and relevance.
VNIRO Press Service