Chemical Composition and Processing Properties of Marine and Ocean Fishes: Handbook

This handbook composed by VNIRO, AtlantNIRO, TINRO, PINRO, YugNIRO (former AzcherNTRO) contains the results of examination, generalizing and systematizing of marine and ocean fishes data obtained during last decades while studing and mastering of the World Ocean biological resources.

687 names of commercial and noncommercial fishes from 126 families found in Russia fisheries up to 1990 are described in the handbook. The fish description includes the contour pictures of species, fish names in English and Latin, commercial value, the distribution area, size characteristics, mass proportions of individual body parts, common chemical compositions of the meat and of other body parts, brief estimation of meat organoleptic properties and the recommendations for fish processing. This handbook is intended for broad circle of fishing industry specialists occupied with fishing, processing and saling of fish as well as for the educational and research institutes.

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  • Год издания: 2000
  • Город: Москва
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