Fisheries Oceanography Issues

ISSN 2071-1956

Chief Editor – V.A. Bizikov, Doctor of Biological Sciences

It is a scientific journal covering the connection between marine fishing species and their habitat, role of climate changes in their distribution and formation of stocks; contemporary habitat conditions and possibilities for their forecasting. The Journal has been published since 2004 by FSBSI “VNIRO” publishing house. By now, they have issued 15 volumes. In 2004-2006, there was one volume a year issued, but since 2007, the journal is issued twice a year. 

There are scientific articles in three major sections published in the journal.

the 1st section devoted to the peculiarities of oceanological conditions in the main commercial areas of the Russian Fleet operation contains huge reviews revealing one of the most important aspects of the modern fishery – peculiarities of habitat in the last
1-3 years, their influence on commercial species distribution and their availability for catching. Authors of these reviews are the lead scientists of each of the basin fisheries institutes.

the 2nd section contains scientific work revealing the entire diversity of connections among the large-scale climate changes, habitat conditions, commercial species population state, their distribution and reproduction. In this respect, they consider the peculiarities of possible habitat changes within the nearest 15-20 years and their effect on the future generations yield in respect of the main Russian Fishery commercial species stocks (Alaska Pollock, Oncorhynchu, Barents Sea Gadus morhua, haddock, Atlantic herrings, South Pacific Trachurus, Antarctic krill and etc.). Scientists of the fisheries system and other scientific departments of Russia (Russian Academy of Sciences, Goskomgidromet (State Committee for Hydrometeorology) and Obrnauka (Journal of Education and Science)) participate in this section. 

The 3rd section is devoted to the analysis of hydrobionts habitat conditions and their effect on certain commercial species in the selected seas and areas. It contains the work of numerous experienced researchers and young scientists who carry out research work directly in fisheries in the seas and oceans. 

 The Journal price is 300 rubles. It is possible to order the necessary copies of any of the 15 volumes by the stated telephone numbers and addresses.