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Volume 178. 2019.

Commercial species and their biology

Sidorov L.K., Pereladov M.V., Labutin A.V.

Features behavioral reactions of the Red King crab in the zone of action of the conical crab pot
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-178-5-20

Alexeyev D.O., Zimenko N.P., Nigmatullin Ch.M.

New data on peculiarities of schoolmaster squid feeding in the Western Bering Sea
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-178-21-37

Voytenko O.V.

Materials on distribution of lampreys of the genus Lethenteron on Kamchatka peninsula
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-178-38-49

Pronyuk A.A.

Distribution of blue whiting in season of feeding 2004-2018
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-178-50-68

Zelennikov O.V., Shnaider T.A.

On the modern biological characterization of sardine Sardinops melanostictus from the commercial catch near Shikotan island
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-178-69-76

Boltnev E.A., Torgun P.M., Boltnev A.I.

Morphofunctional changes of the testes in otters in post-natal ontogenesis
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-178-77-83

Korablina I.V., Kotov S.V., Barabashin T.О.

Azov roach as an indicator of pollution of the ecosystem of the Sea of Azov
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-178-84-103

Lukin A.A., Lukina J.N.

Arctic charr as indicator of water quality of mountain lakes of the Khibiny massif under chronic pollution
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-178-104-111

Aquatic biological resources

Datsky A.V.

The raw material base of fisheries and its use in the Russian waters of the Bering Sea. Message 3. Seasonal dynamics of catch of aquatic biological resources
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-178-112-149


Kovacheva N.P., Litvinenko L.I., Saenko E.M., Zhigin A.V., Kryahova N.V., Semik A.M.

Current state and prospects of aquaculture artemia in Russia
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-178-150-171

Safronov A.S., Filippova O.P., Zuevskiy S.E., Suchover K.V.

The results of growing Аmur sturgeons and hybrids between them in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems during the first year of life
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-178-172-187

Shindavina N.I., Nikandrov V.Ya.

Influence of water temperature and illumination on the growth and gonadogenesis of females and males of the trout breed «Ropshinskaya Gold»
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-178-188-199


Gordeev I.I., Shevlyakov V.A., Kurnosov D.S., Ponomarev S.S., Kozhevnikov A.V., Chistyakova T.A., Bezverkhnyaya A.O., Zhiltsov A.E., Svidersky V.A., Sheybak A.Yu.

Trawl survey of Pacific salmon on the R/V «Professor Kaganovsky» in the Bering Sea and Okhotsk Sea (September-October 2019)
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-178-200-205

Orlov А., Benzik А.N., Vedishcheva Е.V., Gafitsky S.V., Gorbatenko К.M., Goryanina S.V., Zubarevich V.L., Kodryan К.V., Nosov М., Orlova S.Yu., Pedchenko А.P., Rybakov М., Sokolov А., Somov А., Subbotin S.N., Taptygin М.Yu., Firsov Yu.L., Khleborodov А.S., Chikilev V.G.

Fisheries research in the Chukchi Sea at the RV «Professor Levanidov» in Au-gust 2019: some preliminary results
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-178-206-220

Sytova M.V.

Guide on technological rationing of output of processed products of aquatic biological resources and aquaculture objects

Vasil’yev D.A.

Catalog of methods and gears for commercial and coastal fisheries in the Far Eastern fishing area (except inland waters)

Evseeva N.V., Pereladov M.V.

In memory of Ekaterina Blinova

Volume 177. 2019.

Commercial species and their biology

Uglova T.Yu.

Migration routes of pink salmon of different seasonal forms to the coast of Iturup island (Southern Kuril Islands)
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-5-16

Elnikov A.N., Lepskaya V.A., Varaksin I.A.

Forecasting of chum salmon abundance on the south Kuril Islands
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-17-27

Zelennikov O.V., Kuznetsov Yu.K., Mosyagina M.V., Golod V.M.

Gametogenesis of brown trout Salmo trutta caspius during the period of the first sexual maturation at the establishment of the brood stock
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-28-39

Labutin A.V.

To the question of occurrence of scallops Palliolum tigerinum in the water of Varanger-fjord (the Barents Sea)
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-40-47

Torgun P.M., Boltnev A.I., Ulyanov A.G., VorontsovаZ.A., Boltnev E.A.

Cytokariometric and electron microscopic studies of thyrotropic and gonadotropic cells in the adenohypophysis of northern fur seals in postnatal ontogenesis
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-48-57

Lepilina I.N., Bulgakova T.I.

The estimation of the fingerling number of Russian sturgeons in the North-Western part of the Caspian Sea
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-58-69

Aquatic biological resources

Datsky A.V.

The raw material base of fisheries and its use in the Russian waters of the Bering Sea. Message 2. Interannual dynamics of the projected and actual catch of aquatic biological resources at the present stage and in historical perspective
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-70-122

Bykov A.D.

The modern composition of the ichthyofauna of the reservoirs of the Vazuzsky hydraulic system
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-123-139

Petukhova N.G., Bobyrev A.Ye., Sokolov A.V.

Status of the Selenga population of Baikal omul under moratorium on the fishery
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-140-150

Habitat of aquatic biological resources

Korablina I.V., Barabashin T.O., Gevorkyan G.V., Evseeva A.I.

Heavy metals in the organs and tissues of fishing fishes freshwater objects of the North Caucasian region
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-151-166

Equipment for fisheries research

Goncharov S.M., Popov S.B., Dolgov A.N., Kutsenko A.N., Raskin M.A.

The test results of the Russian echo-sounder with split beam intended for resource researches on inland water
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-167-179

Mititello A.V., Klyuchareva N.G., Kravchenko Yu.N.

The effectiveness of the acoustic method of controlling the behavior of fish and the factors affecting it
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-180-191


Evseeva N.V.

Macrophyte algae herbarium of VNIRO
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-192-196

Kuzminov I.F., Loginova I.V., Belikov A.A., Lobanova P.A.

Prospects for the use of semantic analysis for strategic industry analytics
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-197-203

Moiseev S.I., Moiseeva S.A.

Studies of the dominant commercial species of crabs of the Sea of Okhotsk in autumn 2018 and spring 2019.
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-177-204-214

Goncharov S.M.

In memory of Valerij Kudryavtcev

Volume 176. 2019. Aquatic bioresources processing technologies

Podkorytova A.V., Ignatova T.A., Rodina T.V.

Russian and International Legislation in the sphere of red algae-agarophytes processing and determining the quality of gelling polysaccharides
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-5-13

Podkorytova A.V., Ignatova T.A., Burova N.V., Usov A.I.

Perspective directions of efficient utilization of commercial red seaweeds of the genus Ahnfeltia collected from the coastal waters of Russia’s Seas
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-14-26

Ignatova T.A., Podkorytova A.V., Usov A.I., Rodina T.V.

Ranking of red algae-agarophytes by their quality criteria using the methods of mathematical analysis
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-27-40

Kharenko E.N., Sopina A.V., Gritsenko E.A.

Exploration of the mesopelagic stocks – a long way of researches and search
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-41-50

Sytova M.V.

Conceptual approach to the safety and quality of fish production (on the example of sturgeon fishes)
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-51-60

Kornienko N.L., Guseva L.B.

Expansion of the assortment fish pieces from the Far Eastern fish
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-61-71

Uglova N.Y., Mukatova M.D.

Caviar of pond species of fish as potential raw material for production of protein food products
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-72-80

Kharenko E.N., Arkhipov L.O., Yarichevskaya N.N.

Influence of cryoscopic temperature variability on water freezing
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-81-94

Kutina O.I., Igonina I.N., Driakhlov A.O.

The formation of biochemical quality parameters of a new range of stuffings from the fish production with vegetable additives for functional nutrition
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-95-108

Bredikhina O.V., Zarubin N.Yu.

Development of complex technology of processing of organic waste of fish processing enterprises on collagen-containing hydrolysates for food purposes
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-109-121

Strokova N.G.

To the question of the rational use of crustaceans as a source of food and biologically active substances
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-122-132

Ignatova T.A., Rodina T.V., Alekseev D.O.

Changes in the quality and nutritional value of Berryteuthis magister mantle on the duration of its storage in the ship's accumulator
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-133-144

Igonina I.N., Kutina O.I.

Modern requirements of the technical regulation TR EAEU 040/2016 for transportation and state control (supervision) of fish products
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-145-151

Artemov R.V., Bochkarev A.I., Burlachenko I.V., Baskakova Yu.A.

Production potential of fish meal for needs of aquaculture at Russian Federation
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-152-159

Artemov R.V., Bochkarev A.I., Mamontova S.N.

About Directions of Quality Improvement for Fish Meal, Used for Aquaculture Needs at Russian Federation

Slutskaya T.N., Timchishina G.N., Karlina A.E., Pavel’K.G.

Safety and efficiency of feed production from the intestines of cucumaria
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-168-181

Artemov R.V., Arnautov M.V., Bochkarev A.I., Baskakova Yu.A., Artemov A.V., Koksharov A.E., Bindyukov S.V.

Study of rational parameters for plant components extrusion with low-power equipment for production of fish feed
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-176-182-192

Derkanosova N.M

Encyclopedia «The fishing industry technologies» in two parts

Volume 175. 2019.

Commercial species and their biology

Evseeva N.V.

Additions to the flora of seaweeds of the northwestern part of the Bering Sea
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-7-19

Sidorov L.K.

On the influence of water temperature on the distribution of crabs in the area of northern Kuril islands
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-20-35

Klinushkin S.V.

Fecundity of female blue king crab in the northern sea of Okhotsk
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-36-47

Vdovin A.N., Chetyrbotsky A.N.

Manifestations of sexual dimorphism in the somatic and generative growth of the Arabesque greenling
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-48-63

Milovanov A.I.

Biological features of the gobies mass species in by-catches of passive fishing gears in the Kerch Strait
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-64-75

Zelennikov О.V., Kuznetsov Yu.K., Fedorov K.E.

Peculiarities of previtellogenic oocytes pool structure and volume establishing in rainbow trout
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-76-85

Bykov A.D., Palatov D.M. 

Features of nutrition sterlet p. Oki
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-86-94

ButaevaA.K., AbdusamadovA.S., TaibovP.S., AkmaevE.A., AshumovaS.G., ShabanovaM.M., AbdusamadovT.A., GuseinovA.R.

Fishery and biology characteristics of pike off the Dagestan coast of the Caspian Sea
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-95-103

Mikryakov D.V., Pronina G.I., Suvorova T.A., Petrushin A.B.

Some indicators of humoral and cellular immunity of young catfish, who had ichthyophthiriasis
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-104-111

Boltnev A.I., Ul'yanov AG., Torgun P.M., Boltnev E.A.

Cytokaryometric and electron-microscopic study of somatotropic and adrenocorticotropic cells in the pituitary gland of Northern fur seals in postnatal ontogenesis
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-112-123

Yarzhombek A.A., Zhukova K.A.

Dark pigmentation of fish skin
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-124-129

Aquatic biological resources

Datsky A.V.

The raw material base of fisheries and its use in the Russian waters of the Bering Sea. Message 1. Total projected and actual catch of aquatic biological resources for the period from 2000 to 2015
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-130-152

Kirillov A.F., Burmistrov E.V., Sveshnikov Yu.A.

Winter fishery of the Coregonidae family species in the estuarial area of the Lena River delta (Laptev Sea basin)
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-153-166


Tyrin D.V., Zagorskaya D.S., Kovacheva N.P., Nikonova I.N.

Intensity of respiration and nitrogen metabolism of white-legged shrimp Penaeus vannamei under artificial conditions
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-164-174

Shcherbina M.A., Burlachenko I.V., Myshkin A.V., Sukhover K.V., Safronov A.S., Bondarenko O.A., Kruglikov S.V.

On the expediency of special prewinter feeding of sturgeon females in industrial conditions
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-175-190

Equipment for fisheries research

Levashov D.Ye., Bulanova N.P.

The development of flowing seawater systems for measuring the characteristics of the aquatic environment from underway vessel
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-191-199


Moiseev S.I., Deminov A.N., Klinushkin S.V., Moiseeva S.A.

Materials of study of deep-sea commercial crabs in the Central part of the sea of Okhotsk in June-July 2018
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-200-207

Somov A.A., Kanzeparova A.N., Vazhova A.S., Khleborodov A.S., Zuev M.A., Slabinsky A.M., Orlova S.Yu., Kurnosov D.S., Balyaev V.A., Orlov A.M.

Some preliminary results of research on Emperor Seamounts in April, 2019
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-208-219

Golovatyuk G. Yu., Zhukova K.A.

Fishing of Atka mackerel in the west Bering Sea, offshore of Eastern Kamchatka and Northern Kuril Islands in the spring of 2019
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-220-225

Bizikov V.A., Boltnev E.A., Petrov E.A., Peterfeld V.A., Chernook V.I.

Experimental aerial survey of the Baikal seal using long-range UAVs
DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2019-175-226-229

Volume 174. 2018. Problems of the International fisheries cooperation

Commercial species and their biology

Stepanenko М., Gritsay Е.V.

Environmental variability and spatial differentiation pollock in the Bering Sea

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-6-20

Aquatic biological resources

Glubokov A.I., Popova N.R., Glubokovskiy M.K.

Commercial fish of the South East Pacific: international management measures and stocks status

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-21-29

Prokhorova T.A., Dolgov A.V.

Russian-Norwegian cooperation in studying the ichthyofauna diversity of the Barents Sea and adjacent waters

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-30-38

Grekov A.А., Drevetnyak K.V., Russkikh A.A., Shamray E.A., Yaragina N.A.

International fishery and status of demersal fishes stocks in the Barents Sea and adjacent waters

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-39-47

Prusov S.V., Samoylova E.N.

Management of Atlantic salmon coastal fisheries in Norway

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-48-57

Amosova V.М., Zezera А.S., Karpushevskaia A.I., Vasilijeva T.G., Trufanova I.S., Ivanov S.V., Karpushevskiy I.V.

Stock assessment of the Baltic Sea fish in the ICES Working Groups

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-58-71

Timoshenko N.M.

Peculiarities of recruitment indices application in forecasting the chub mackerel  stock dynamics in the Eastern-Central Atlantic

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-72-80

Kolomeyko F.V., Vasilyev A.G.

Information support of water biological resources research in the Atlantic Ocean. Data mining

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-81-90

Habitat of aquatic biological resources

Dulepova E.P.

The current state of plankton communities and food availability for walleye pollock in the western Bering Sea

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-91-104

Sentyabov E.V.

Experience of using temperature-acoustic transects from international ecosystem surveys for analysis of pelagic fish distribution in the Norwegian Sea

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-105-111

Economics, international cooperation and regulatory bases of fisheries management

Vilkova O.Yu., Glubokovskiy M.K.

Caspian sturgeon conservation and international cooperation

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-112-128

Bekyashev K.A., Bekyashev D.K.

The new international regime of the Caspian Sea

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-129-142

Spiridonov V.A., Vinnikov A.V., Golenkevich A.V., Mayss A.A.

“Vulnerable marine ecosystems” and related notions in the practice of marine environmental management: conceptions, terminology and possibilities of application for the conservation of the marine environment and biological resources of the Russian seas

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-143-173

Fomin K.Yu., Tretiakov I.S.

History and current state of the PINRO research activities in the Northwest Atlantic

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-174-179

Khlivnoy V.N.

The Russian-European Union cooperation on the management of stock and development of scientific basis on exploitation of haddock at the Rockall area

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-180-197


Levashova S.S., Glubokov A.I., Zolotukhina G.K.

Aquatic sciences and fisheries information system ASFIS/ASFA

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-174-198-203

Volume 173. 2018. Problems of fisheries oceanography

Habitat of aquatic biological resources

Features of oceanological conditions in the main russian fishery areas in 2017

Karsakov A.L., Sentyabov E.V., Balyakin G.G., Kanishchev A.A.

Oceanographic conditions in the seas of the north European basin and the north Atlantic in 2017 and their influence on commercial fish distribution

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-173-5-16

Karsakov A.L., Trofimov A.G., Titov O.V.

Main features of the environmental conditions in the Barents Sea in 2017

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-173-17-32

Climatic factors of variability of environmental conditions of fishery resources and marine ecosystem functioning

Krovnin A.S., Kotenev B.N., Mordasova N.V., Moury G.P.

Teleconnections in the atmosphere and ocean as a basis of the long-range fishery forecasting

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-173-33-65

Krovnin A.S., Melnikov S.P., Artemenkov D.V., Moury G.P., Nikitenko A.I.

Impact of the large-scale climatic factors on dynamics of pacific saury stock

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-173-66-78

Trofimov A.G., Karsakov A.L., Ivshin V.A.

Climate changes in the Barents Sea over the last half century

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-173-79-91

Diagnosis and forecasting of habitat conditions of hydrobionts

Churin D.A., Gulyugin S.Yu.

Seasonality of the vertical distribution of chlorophyll-a in the sublatitudinal zones of the Antarctic part of the Atlantic according to direct and remote sensing data

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-173-92-105

Nikitin A.A., Antonenko D.V., Novikov Yu.V., Blishehak N.M.

Peculiarities of distribution of commercial concentrations of saury in the north-western pacific ocean according to searching fisheries activities in 2014-2016

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-173-106-118

Nikitin А.А., Djakov B.S., Каpshiter А.V., Nuzhdin V.А.

A study of oceanographic conditions in the northwestern Japan Sea in the spring seasons 2000-2017

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-173-119-136

Khen G.V., Basyuk E.O., Kivva K.K.

Water masses and fish communities in north-western part of the Bering Sea and western part of the Chukchi Sea in 2003-2010

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-173-137-156

Zuenko Y.I., Nadtochy V.V.

General features of seasonal and interannual dynamics for the zooplankton community in the Amur Bay (Peter the Great Bay, Japan Sea)

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-173-157-170

Kochergin A.T., Kriskevich L.V., Kosenko Yu.V.

Forecast of probability of fish pre-suffocation and suffocation events in the Sea of Azov

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-173-171-180

Shatilina T.A., Velikanov A.Y., Tsitsiashvili G.Sh., Radchenkova T.V.

Abnormal hydrometeorological conditions in the estuarine-coastal period of the pink salmon life (eastern Sakhalin)

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-173-181-192

Karsakov A.L., Trofimov A.G., Ivshin V.A., Antsiferov M.Yu., Gustoev D.V., Averkiev A.S.

Restoration of data on water temperature in the Kola Section for 2016–2017

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-173-193-206


The 80th anniversary of V.V. Sapozhnikov

Maslennikov V.V., Arzhanova N.V., Mordasova N.V., Borisov V.M., Metreveli M.P., Lapin S.A., Krovnin A.S., Vasil’eva T.E., Kivva K.K.

In memory of Boris Nikolaevitch Kotenev

Volume 172. 2018

Commercial species and their biology

Moiseev S.I., Buyanovsky A.I., Moiseeva S.A.
Determination of the terminal molt of the snow and tanner crabs in the field

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-172-6-26

Karasev A.N., Karpinsky M.G.
Spatial distribution and functional structure of the snow crab area in the Northern part of the Okhotsk Sea

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-172-27-48

Sologub D.O., Alexeyev D.O., Goryanina S.V.
Spatial distribution of the Chionoecetes opilio functional groups in the Barents Sea population during 2013-2017 fishing seasons

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-172-49-69

Zakharov D.V., Manushin I.E., Strelkova N.A., Pavlov V.A., Nosova T.B.
Diet of the snow crab in the Barents Sea and macrozoobenthic communities in the area of its distribution

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-172-70-90

Bizikov V.A., Sidorov L.K., Alekseev D.O., Buyanovsky A.I.
Changes in abundance and size composition of the Red King Crab in the Barents Sea during the period from 2003 till 2016

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-172-91-127

Deart Yu.V., Antokhina T.I., Spiridonov V.A., Britayev T.A.
Seasonal distribution of red king crab in Zelenaya Inlet (Murmansk coast, Barents Sea)

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-172-128-148

Stesko A.V.
Heterogeneity of the Size Composition of Red King Crab in the Coastal Part of the Barents Sea

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-172-149-159

Dvoretsky A.G., Dvoretsky V.G.
Structure of symbiotic assemblages on red king crabs in the coastal Barents Sea in 2012

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-172-160-171


Kovatcheva N.P., Borisov R.R., Kryakhova N.V., Lebedev R.O., Parshin-Chudin A.V., Tyrin D.V., Pechenkin D.S., Chertoprud E.S.
Technological scheme and biotechnical indices of industrial cultivation of red king crab juveniles in aquaculture

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-172-172-183

Zagorskaya D.S., Zagorskij I.A., Kovatcheva N.P., Borisov R.R., Chertoprud E.S.
The visual estimation of red king crab and snow crab viability during transportation

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-172-184-197

Aquatic bioresources processing technologies

Podkorytova A.V., Strokova N.G., Semikova N.V.
Complex processing of Kamchatka crab in the production of food products and biologically active substances

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-172-184-197


In memory of Alexander Rzhavsky

Volume 171. 2018

Commercial species and their biology

Evseeva N.V.
Species composition of seaweeds of the coastal zone of the Murmansk coast and archipelago Novaya Zemlya

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-7-25

Lischenko F.V., Alexeyev D.O., Lischenko A.V.
Scales of reproductive system maturity used in schoolmaster squid investigations

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-26-38

Amosova V.М., Vasilijeva T.G., Zezera А.S.
Prospects of development of domestic sprat fishery in the Baltic Sea 2025

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-39-55

Trufanova I.S.
Catch, abundance dynamics, and age structure of the open-sea Baltic herring in the ICES subdivision 26 in 2011-2017

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-56-67

Melnikova E.B., Kuzminova N.S.
Relationship between the age distribution of horse mackerel and the intensity of the glow in the plankton community in the coastal waters of the Heracleian Peninsula (Black Sea)

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-68-79

Kuznetsova E.N., Antonov N.P., Maznikova O.A., Trofimova A.O.
Modern characteristic of the growth of the Greenland Turbot in the northwestern part of the Bering Sea

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-80-94

Shalgimbayeva G.M., Barmintseva A.E., Mugue L.N., Isbekov K.B., Mugue N.S.
Genetic diversity of stellate sturgeon of the Ural River

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-95-105

Panov V.P., Falij S.S., Yesavkin Y.I., Zhigin A.V.
Growth and development of the muscles of the brook char in different periods of ontogenesis

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-106-115

Suvorova T.A., Shayakhmetov R.A., Mikryakov D.V.
Comparative analysis of the composition of leukocytes of peripheral blood and hematopoietic organs of Navaga and Burbot

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-116-122

Aquatic biological resources

Bykov A.D., Mitenkov Yu.A.
The results of the fisheries survey of the Oka River within the boundaries of the Moscow region

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-123-140

Mirzoyan A.V., Kalmykov V.A., Kanatiev S.V., Khodorevskaya R.P.
The current state of commercial stocks and reserves of the Caspian Sea fishery

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-141-156

Kozhurin E.A., Shlyakhov V.A., Gubanov E.P.
Crimea commercial fish dynamics in the Black Sea

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-157-169

Aquatic bioresources processing technologies

Arnautov M.V., Artemov R.V., Burlachenko I.V., Artemov A.V., Gershunskaya V.V., Safronov A.S.
Research of nutritional value and functional and technological properties of marketable hybrids of Bester with Russian sturgeon and prospect of production of multicomponent products

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-170-179

Equipment for fisheries research

Goncharov S.M., Maksimov V.N., Dolgov A.N., Kravchenko Y.N., Popov S.B.
Hydroacoustic stimulator as tool in technology of fish feeding behavior management.

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-180-189

Levashov D.Ye., Bulanova N.P., Brovko E.D.
Features of classification of the existing types of the integrated centers of outboard operations as a part of deck-laboratory complexes of R/V for fishing research of construction of 2011-2018

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-190-200


Levashov, D.E., Bulanova N.P.
«Stella Maris» is a sea star of the newArgentine FRV «Víctor Angelescu»

Gordeev I.I., Starovoytov A.N., Ponomarev S.S., Shevlyakov V.A., Milovankin P.A.
Trawl survey of Pacific salmon on the R/V "Professor Kaganovsky" in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean (May-July 2018)

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-208-213

Pereladov M.V., Labutin A.V.
Complex hydrobiological survey in coastal waters of the Barents Sea Varanger fjord in May 2018

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-171-214-224

Sapozhnikov V.V.
A.I. Agatova: «Organic Matter in the Seas of Russia»

Volume 170. 2018

Commercial species and their biology

Kolyuchkina G.A., Chikina M.V., Biryukova S.V., Bulysheva N.I., Basin A.B., Lyubimov I.V., Kovalenko E.P.
Long-term changes in a Black sea north-eastern coast population of an invasive bivalve Anadara kagoshimensis

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-170-7-25

Vdovin A.N., Chetyrbotsky A.N.
The growth and stages of ontogenesis of Arabesque greenling in the waters of Primorie (Japan Sea)

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-170-26-46

Mel'nikova E.B.
Development the equation of linear growth Bertalanffy, based on the use of the applied computer programs for the Black Sea sprat and anchovy

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-170-47-54

Lukatsky V.B., Dubishchuk M.M., Vafiew A.A.
Peculiarities of distribution and fishery of pelagic fish species in the autumn-winter period in the area of Mauritania

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-170-55-71

Yarzhombek A.A., Zhukova K.A.
Red and orange skin color of fish

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-170-73-77

Pereverzev А., Kryukova N.V.
Use of a coastal haulout by walruses on the Meeskyn Spit Island (Anadyr Gulf of the Bering Sea) in 2003-2009

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-170-78-89

Aquatic biological resources

Alexeyev D.O., Bizikov V.A., Botnev D.A., Lischenko F.V.
The history of the schoolmaster squid fishery development in Russian waters and its current state

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-170-90-104

Leontiev S.Yu., Sidorov S.V.
Optimization of latitudinal zoning of the restricted periods of industrial and recreational and sports fishing in the Volga-Caspian fishery basin

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-170-105-115


Miroshnichenko D.A., Flerova E.A.

The experience of growing rainbow trout in high-mountain conditions of South Vietnam: growth and chemical composition of skeletal muscle

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-170-116-123

Aquatic bioresources processing technologies

Strokova N.G., Podkorytova A.V.

Modern ways for processing of chitin-containing raw materials

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-170-124-152

Equipment for fisheries research

Kudryavtsev V.I.

Development of hydroacoustic telemetry and remote control for fishing boats

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-170-153-183


Levashov D.E., Bulanova N.P.
R/V «Isabu» – the first Korean expeditionary research vessel of new generation, designed with taking into account ICES Recommendations N 209

Moiseev S.I., Moiseeva S.A.
Materials of studies of the brown king crab and other crab species in the operational monitoring of the fishery (Aniva Bay, December 2017)

Lapina N.M., Gruzevich A.K., Malygin E.V., Zubarevich V.L.
Hydrological and hydrochemical studies of the hydrobionts habitat on freshwater reservoirs of the Central part of Russia in 2017

DOI: 10.36038/2307-3497-2018-170-198-204

Kuznetsova E.N., Vagin A.V., Antonov N.P., Mikodina E.V.
In memory of Viktor Kuznetsov

Nigmatullin Ch.M., Alexeyev D.О., Bizikov V.A.
The well-known teuthologist Julia Filippova (1934-2018)

Volume 169. 2017. Problems of fisheries oceanography

Habitat of aquatic biological resources
Features of oceanological conditions in the main r ussian fishery areas in 2016

Karsakov A.L., Sentyabov E.V., Balyakin G.G., Kanishchev A.А. .
Oceanographic conditions in the seas of the North European basin and the North Atlantic in 2016 and their influence on commercial fish distribution

Climatic factors of variability of environmental conditions of fishery resources and marine ecosystem functioning

Tsitsiashvili G.Sh., Shatilina T.A., Radchenkova T.V.
Cyclicity of the regional atmospheric circulation and air temperature over the Far East during 1980–2015 and forecast opportunities

Fedotov M.S., Petkilev P.S.
Тhe distribution of fisheries concentrations of jack mackerel in south Pacific due to the atmospheric processes

Diagnosis and forecasting of habitat conditions of hydrobionts

Krovnin A.S., Antonov N.P., Kotenev B.N., Moury G.P.
Climate effect on quasi-decadal changes of north-western cod of the Bering Sea

Krovnin A.S., Melnikov S.P., Kivva K.K., Artemenkov D.V., Moury G.P.
Influence of variability of oceanological conditions on redfish in the North Atlantic pelagial

KarsakovA.L., Averkiev A.S., Gustoev D.V.
Current oceanographic observations in the Barents sea and problems of long-term forecasting

Djakov B.S., Matveev V.I.
Results of monitoring of oceanological conditions in the northwestern Japan Sea in 2015–2017

Kodryan K.V., Torgunova N.I., Agatova A.I.
Variability of dissolved and particulate organic matter of the Barents Sea during the period of variability of its ice cover

Arzhanova N.V.
Hydrochemical parameters of marine basins as indicators of its biological productivity

Churin D.A., Gulyugin S.Yu.
Aspects of dynamics of chlorophyll-a in relation to the absolute dynamic topography of the Antarctic part of the Atlantic

Petkilev P.S., Chernyshkov P.P.
Time variability of the distribution of mesoscale eddies and their parameters in the region of the Southern Polar frontal zone

Krasnoborodko O.Yu.
Formation of local frontal zones and mesoscale dynamics of waters in the southern part of Pacific ocean

Volume 168. 2017. Marine Mammals

Commercial species and their biology

A.I. Boltnev
Intraspecific r/К-selection into the northern fur seal

V.V. Kuznecov
The influence of the fishery on structure of the Caspian seal population in the historical retrospective

V.N. Svetochev, V.F. Prishchemihin
The vessel Norwegian harvest of the Harp Seal in the Barents and Greenland Seas

O.N. Svetocheva, V.S. Semenova Feeding ecology of the Atlantic walrus in the south-eastern part of the Barents Sea

A.G. Somov
Possible reason of bearded seal mortality in Yamskoy bay in Gulf of Shelekhov (Sea of Okhotsk) in 2001

A.I. Boltnev
Mammals-eating or fish-eating: critical notes to the problem of studies of the population structure of killer whales

A.I. Boltnev, K.A. Zharikov, A.G. Somov, A.L. Salman
Satellite tracking of killer whales in the Okhotsk Sea in summer-autumn 2015

N.V. Kryukova
Case of observation of winter belugas feeding in the Bering Sea

G.N. Solntseva
Adaptive features of the peripheral part of the auditory system of mammals in ontogenesis

Aquatic biological resources

V.A. Korzhev, V.B. Zabavnikov
Estimation of the White Sea Harp Seal Population Abundance by Biological Information Lack

N.G. Chelintsev, Y.I. Goryaev, A.V. Ezhov, P.R. Makarevich, D.G. Ishkulov
Experience abundance estimates by the ship transect accounting with pie extrapolations from observations in the south-western part of the Kara Sea in summer 2015

R.N. Klepikovsky, N.N. Lukin, T.V. Mishin
Marine mammal ships research by PINRO carried out in the Barents Sea open part

R.N. Klepikovsky, N.N. Lukin
Marine mammal observations by PINRO ships carried in the North-East Atlantic in March-April 2008-2015.

V.V. Melnikov, M.M. Sidorenko, S.V. Fomin
Modern distribution and number of fin whales in the Sea of Okhotsk

Aquatic bioresources processing technologies

A.V. Podkorytova, T.A. Ignatova, T.V. Rodina
The nutrition and biological value of Pinnipedia muscular tissue and their use

N.P. Boeva, M.S. Petrova, Yu.A. Baskakova
The rational technological parameters of oil from seal blubber by a low-temperature method

N.P. Boeva, M.S. Petrova, Yu.A. Baskakova
The quality characteristic and the biological value of marine animal oil

Volume 167. 2017

Commercial species and their biology

Gordeev I.I., Balabanova L.V., Suvorova T.A.
Composition of leukocytes in the hematopoietic organs of Antarctic toothfish

Grushko M.P., Svetasheva D.R.
Comparative morphological and physiological characteristics of the organs hematopoesis sturgeons and amphibians in the early stages of development

Pronina G.I., Mikryakov D.V., Silkina N.I., Petrushin A.B.
The content of immune complexes and the level of oxidative processes in blood serum of different breeding groups of carp

Mavrin A.S., Martemyanov V.I.
The Content of Cations in Vertebrae of Roach Depending on the Degree of its Gonads

Silkina N.I., Mikryakov D.V., Mikryakov V.R.
Interrelation of monthly average temperature of February and indicators of lipid exchange of bream of Rybinsk reservoir in different years

Mikryakov V.R., Silkina N.I.
The effect of resorption of eggs in the functioning of the immuno-biochemical mechanisms of homeostasis bream of the Rybinsk reservoir

Mineev A.K.
Histopathology of the gills of cyprinid fish from the polluted site R . Pozim (Udmurt Republic)

Fedonenko E.V., Sharamok T.S., Ananieva T.V.
Features of the leukocyte formula in some carp fish from the Zaporozhian Reservoir (Ukraine)

Esipova N.B., Fedonenko E.V., Turchin I.P.
Lymphoma in the lower Dnieper Northern pike

Minzyuk T.V., Kavtsevich N.N.
On estimation of bottle-nosed dolphins blood leucocytes functional state

Kavtsevich N.N., Minzyuk T.V.
Age features of blood cellular composition of seals

Dolmatova L.S., Dolmatov I.Yu.
Studies on the immunomodulating activity of the extract of the far eastern species of sea cucumbers during wound healing modelled on the holothurian Eupentacta fraudatrix

Habitat of aquatic biological resources

Avdeeva E.V.
Conditionally pathogenic bacteria of fish in natural and artificial reservoirs of the Kaliningrad region

Evdokimova E.B., Avdeeva E.V., Zaostrovtseva S.K.
Parasitofauna of the fish from the Sheshupe river


Gavrilin K.V., Ridiger A.V., Ponomarev A.K.
The usage of methyluracil to increase fish growth rates in cage conditions

Mikryakov D. V., Stepanova M. A., Mikryakov V. R.
The effect of dexamethasone and testosterone on the intensity of invasion of sterlet with metacercariae Diplostomum paraspathaceum

Tkachenko H.М., Grudniewska J., Pękala A.
Antioxidant defense in the hepatic tissue of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) following first month after vaccination against Yersinia ruckeri

Tkachenko H.М., Buyun L.I., Terech-Majewska E., Osadowski Z.
Antibacterial screening of ethanolic extracts obtained from leaves of various Ficus species (Moraceae) against Citrobacter freundii

Tkachenko H.M., Grudniewska J.
Biochemical profile in the muscle tissue of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) exposed to Disinfectant «CIP» formulated with peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide

Ginovyan M., Hovsepyan V., Sargsyan M., Grigoryan K., Thrchunyan A.
Antibiotic resistance of Pseudomonas species isolated from Armenian fish farms

Parshukov A.N. , Golovina N.A. , Romanova N.N. , Golovin P.P. , Mikhailova M.V.
The occurrence of the death of whitefish in one of the fish farms in Karelia

Control and protection of aquatic environmental conditions and aquatic living resources

Yakovenko V.A., Fedonenko E.V.
Introduction of biotesting method for studying water quality of fish-farm ponds of Krynichanskiy fish farm

Volume 166. 2017

Commercial species and their biology

Sologub D.O., Bizikov V.A.
Seasonal dynamics of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) abundance in the Atlantic Antarctic sector

Moiseev S.I., Moiseeva S.A.
Problems of keeping and transporting live crabs on crab fishing vessels

Alexeyev D.O.
Size index of squids digestive gland as indicator of their biological condition with an example of schoolmaster squid

Uglova Т.Yu., Klovach N.V., Mikodina E.V.
Gonads anomalies of the Iturup island pink salmon. Seasonal and interannual dynamics. Possible causes of appearance

Rabazanov N.I., Orlov A.M., Abdusamadov А.S., Barkhalov R.M., Akhmedkhanov K.M., Buzulutsakaya K.G.
Condition of stocks, fishery, and artificial reproduction of the Caspian kutum

Balykin Р.A., Startsev A.V.
Some biological parameters of haarder from the Taganrog bay

Yarzhombek A.A., Shilo E.I.
Cell growth in the muscle of carp (short communication)

Aquatic biological resources

Taradina D.G., Chavychalova N.I.
About the natural reproduction of the fluvial anadromous and some river fishes in the lower reaches of the Volga river in 2011–2015

Mel’nikova E.B.
The intensity of glow of hydrobionts in the period of mass spawning of sprat as an indicator of the size of the replenishment of production stocks by young

Volovova L.A., Dolgikh M.G., Klyuchareva N.G., Mititello A.V.
Prospects of controlled fish reproduction in inland water bodies: natural modeling

Habitat of aquatic biological resources

Zhivoglyadova L.A., Labaj V.S., Dairova D.S.
The community of mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies of the small rivers in the South Sakhalin exemplified by tributaries of the Lyutoga River

Kochergin A.T., Zagayny N.A., Kriskevich L.V.
Variability of hydrometeorological conditions in Donuzlav Lake (Crimea) in 2016

Lapin S.A.
Features of freshwater flow formation in estuary systems of the Ob and the Yenisei

Aquatic bioresources processing technologies

Dyachenko M.M., Boeva N.P., Dyachenko E.P.
Technology of flour fodder from meat and osteal tissues of seals


Mikodina E.V., Knyazev E.A.
Doctorate at VNIRO. 1. Evolution of Scientific and Pedagogical Staff Training in Russia

Levashov D.Ye., Bulanova N.P., Tishkova T.V.
The first German research vessel, designed with taking into account fishing concentrations possible reaction to a noise field of the vessel

Vasil'yev D.A.
«The fishing gear and methods of Northern Basin’s commercial and coastal fisheries»

Volume 165. 2017

Commercial species and their biology

Metelyov, E.A. Abaev, A.D. Klinushkin, S.V. Vasilyev, A.G.
Commercial crabs distribution and number in the central part of the Sea of Okhotsk

Afanasyev P.K., Glubokov A.I.
Preliminary results of studies for European horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) genetic diversity in the Moroccan waters

Glubokov A.I.
Central Bering Sea pollock: stock status and management

Goriunova A.I., Isbekov K.B., Asylbekova S.J., Danko E.K.
About crucians of periodically drying up steppe lakes of Northern Kazakhstan in the light of the modern domestic and foreign researches

Aquatic biological resources

Vdovin A.N., Chetyrbotsky A.N., Nuzhdin V.A.
Representativeness of sample of bottom trawl surveys at the example of cod pacific Japan Sea

Yarzhombek A.A.
Reconstruction of the population age-composition by catch (short communication)

Habitat of aquatic biological resources

Gorin S.L., Leman V.N.
Hydrological regime and pollution of the river and gulf Pechenga (Varanger-fjord of the Barents Sea) based on long-period data of hydrometeorological department

Sapozhnikov V.V., Arzhanova N.V., Gruzevich A.K., Zozulya N.M., Stolyarsky S.I., Torgunova N.I., Khramtzova A.M.
Hydrological and hydrochemical characteristics of aquatic bioresources habitat in Pechenga Bay


Borisov R.R., Kovacheva N.P., Kryakhova N.V., Nikonova I.N., Pechenkin D.S.
Keeping of Japanese mitten crab Eriocheir japonica in artificial conditions

Pronina G.I., Artemenkov D.V., Petrushin A.B.
Comparative characteristics catfishes by hematological and biochemical indicators of blood

Aquatic bioresources processing technologies

Baskakova, Yu.A., Boeva, N.P.
The study of antioxidants and essential oil effect on the quality of dietary supplement " Concentrate omega-3"

Harenko E.N., Zhukova K.A.
Post-mortem changes of the muscle tissue in walleye pollock

Kochneva M.V., Sytova M.V., Emtsev M E., Zhigin A.V., Smaginа A.V.
HACCP system as a basis of competitiveness of the enterprise

Goferber E.P., Abramova L.S.
The hazard identification and risk assessment in the production of salted herring fillets intended for baby food


Moiseev S.I., Moiseeva S.A.
Monitoring of commercial crabs in the Sea of Okhotsk during the autumn-winter period 2016.

Ul'chenko V.A.
The studies of demersal fish in the Barents Sea in performing longline fishery in the autumn-winter 2015

Levashov D.Ye., Tishkova T.V., Bulanova N.P.
R/V "Skagerak" – research vessel of new generation for Goteborg University (Sweden), designed with taking into account ICES Recommendations N209

Nikolaev A.I.
Biological Foundations and Correlation between the Commercial and Pasture Aquaculture of Sturgeons

Kuznetsova E.N.
Habitat and behavior of commercial fishes

Volume 164. 2016. Problems of fisheries oceanography

Volume 163. 2016

Andronov P.Yu.
Long-term dynamics of spatial distribution and interannual variability of catches of Northern shrimp in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska

Bakanev S.V.
Evaluation of a harvest control rule of red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) fisheries in Russian waters of the Barents Sea

Pereladov M.V.
Biotope structure and modern status of oyster (Ostrea edulis) settlement in Donuzlav lake, Crimea peninsula, the Black Sea

Lukatsky V.B., Dubishchuk M.M., Vafiew A.A.
Features of the Cunene horse mackerel fishery (Trachurus trecae) in the Mauritania area during the spring and summer migration and approaches to predict its timing

Bulgakova T.I., Smirnov А.А.
Comparative analysis of stock assessment and projection methods for Pacific herring of the Ohkotsk Sea

Kovacheva, N.P., Pechenkin, D.S., Nikonova, I.N., Borisov, R.R., Chertoprud, E.S.
Survival in nature and criteria of the receiving capacity of ecosystems for artificially produced crab juveniles (Decapoda, Lithodidae).

Borisov R.R., Pechenkin D.S., Kovacheva N.P., Niconova I. N.
Comparison of early ontogenesis in blue king crab Paralithodes platypus and red king crab Paralithodes camtschaticus (Decapoda, Lithodidae)

Safronov A.S., Filippova O.P., Zuevskiy S.E., Burlachenko I.V., Ezhkin M.A., Suchover K.V.
Characteristics of sturgeon hybrids on the basis of Bester cultivated in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

Shumskaya N.V., Uzbekova O.R., Novikov V. Yu., Mukhin V.A.
Ecological and biochemical aspects of biotransformation of chitin in the Barents Sea

Boeva N.P., Dyachenko M.M., Artemova A.G.
Scientific justification of technological parameters of waste fermentation processes at the fish processing plants

Shapovalova L.A., Grekov I.E.
New approach to produce «in the Murmansk style» high quality canned fish from cod and haddock liver

Glubokovsky M.K., Glubokov A.I., Melnikov S.P.
Enclave of the Arctic Ocean: fishery issues

Levashov D.Ye., Tishkova T.V.
R/V «Ke Xue»: the first Chinese expeditionary vessel, designed with taking into account fishing concentrations possible reaction to a noise field of the vessel

Moiseev S.I., Moiseev S.A.
Materials operational research fishing for crabs in the Sea of Okhotsk in the spring of 2016

Nigmatullin Ch.M., Burukovsky R.N., Alekseev D.O., Spiridonov V.A.
VIII All-Russian scientific conference on commercial invertebrates (Kaliningrad, KGTU-AtlantNIRO, September 2-5, 2015)

Gordeev I.I., Spiridonov V.A.
In Memory of Tatyana Lubimova: scientific biography

Volume 162. 2016. Stress, pathology and diseases of hydrobionts

Reshetnikov Yu.S., Popova O.A., Novoselov A.P.
The Modern State of Salmonid Fishes in the North-East of Europe

A.V. Kon’kova, N.N. Fedorova
Pathomorphological changes of erythrocytes of bream juvenile Abramis brama of the Volga-Caspian basin

Fajzulina D.R., Bazelyuk N.N., Aksenov V.P.
Some aspects of the pathological parameters of the biochemical indicators of the blood of the Caspian roach Rutilus rutilus caspicus and bream Abramis brama in the modern environment conditions of the Volga- Caspian basin

Voronina E.A.
Monitoring of infections and invasions of the caspian kilka

Koroleva I.M.
Hematological indices of whitefish Coregonus lavaretus in the waters of the Kola north

Mineeva O.V.
Parasites of Burbot Lota lota in the Saratov reservoir

Mineev A.K.
Abnormalities of the eyes of young cyprinid fish of the Saratov reservoir

Ku’zmina V.V.
Effect of zinc and copper on the gut protease activity providing non-specific protection of fish

Zabotkina E.A., Golovanov V.K., Golovanova I.L.
The changes of the immunocompetent cells ultrastructure in the kidney, spleen and liver in Amur sleeper Perccottus glenii at the influence of pesticide Roundup

Klishin A.Y., Kanieva N.A., Fedorova N.N., Badzhaeva O.V.
Violations of organs and tissues of molluscs genus Unio under the influence of oil

Volodina V.V., D’yakova S.A.
Conditional-pathogenic microflora of the caspian seal (Phoca caspica) and its habitat under the anthropogenic pressing

Naumova A.M., Naumova A.Y., Loginov L.S.
Epizootological monitoring fish farms and fishing ponds Russia

Rudakova S.L.
The science-based approach for maintenance of aquatic animal health security of Russian aquaculture

Eleev E.L., Grischenko L.I., Zabotkina E.A.
Herpesvirus infection in sturgeons: pathomorphology, pathogenesis and diagnosis of disease

Lartseva L.V.
Saprolegnia caviar pike perch in artificial breeding in the Delta of the Volga river

Belyakov A.A., Fedorova, N. N., Grushko, M. P.
Changes of cells and tissues of juveniles of Shemaya (Chalcalburnus chalcoides) in artificial cultivation

Gavrilin K.V., Suvorova T.A., Ponomarev A.K.
The possibility assess of use of preparations for stimulate metabolic processes, for correction of stress and accelerate the regeneration tissue of fish

Tkachenko H., Grudniewska J.
Effect of chloramine-T disinfection on oxidative stress biomarkers in the gill tissue of grayling (Thymallus thymallus)

Tkachenko H., Grudniewska J.
The alterations in the oxidative stress biomarkers in the brain tissue of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) vaccinated against furunculosis

Tkachenko H., Buyun L., Terech-Majewska E., Osadowski Z., Sosnovskyi Ye., Honcharenko V., Prokopiv A.
The antimicrobial activity of some ethanolic extracts obtained from Ficus spp. leaves against Aeromonas Hydrophila

Obukhova O.V.
The effect of salts of copper, zinc and cadmium on the growth and biological aggressiveness of opportunistic Microflora

Gandziura V.P., Korevo N.I.
Peculiarities of fish phosphorus balance at a high Cd 2+ content in water

Volume 161. 2016

V.A. Lebedev, S.V. Goryanina
Interannual dynamics of the catches and size structure of male red king crab fishing in the Barents Sea in the period 2005–2013

Bakanev S.V.
Estimation methods for biological reference points of king crab stock in the Barents Sea

Matyushkin V.B.
Determination of spawning periods by stages of embryo development in the red king crab Paralithodes camtschaticus female deposits

Sidorov L.K.
The perspective of the crab commercial fishery on the coastal water of the Kuril Islands: red king crab, horsehair crab and Bairdi snow crab (the Sea of Okhotsk)

Evseeva N.V.
Feeding of sea urchins (Strongylocentrotus) in Ura Bay in western Murman

Khrustaleva A.M., Volkov A.A., Rastorguev S.M., Uglova T.Yu.
Postglacial colonization reconstruction of Asian sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerka

Karpenko V.I., Lisova K.A., Mikhaylova E.G.
Assessment of influence of Pacific salmon anomalies, damages and infestation on stock commercial using

Prokhorova T.A., Pronyuk A.A.
Features of elements (winter ring and summer ring) formation on otolith of the blue whiting

Bulgakova T.I., Lepilina I.N., Safaraliev I.A., Dovgopol G.F.
Caspian sturgeon stock assessment and projection techniques analysis

Konovalov A.F.
Long-term changes in the structure of faunal complexes of fish and cyclostomes in waterbodies of Vologda Region

Klevakin A.A., Loginov V.V., Moiseev A.V.
The harm estimation causes to aquatic biological resources of flat terrain reservoirs at the Middle Volga (on the example of Gorky and Cheboksary) by water consumption for various department’s needs with water intakes set

Volovova L.A.
Management of coast rainbow trout feeding migrations (Saaremaa Island, Baltic Sea)

S.M. Goncharov, S.B. Popov
Improvement of sturgeon’s juveniles quantitative estimation accuracy in accordance with the results of their target strength measurements

Nikiforov A.I.
Ecological bases of rational use of complex appointment bodies of water in agricultural production

Borisov R.R., Kovacheva N.P., Nikonova I.N., Pechenkin D.S., Luzgin S.E.
Grassy shrimp Pandalus latirostris as a potential aquaculture object

Novikov M.А., Kharlamova M.N.
Investigation of the spectral characteristics of the fluorescence of the Kola Peninsula natural waters

Bekyashev K.A., Erzikyan K.V., Katasonov D.A., Shuvalova T.V.
International legal basis for the creation of the Global Record of Fishing Vessels

Levashov D.Ye., Tishkova T.V.
R/V “Investigator” - the second expeditionary research vessel of new generation, designed with taking into account fishing concentrations possible reaction to a noise field of the vessel

Alekseev D.O., Bizikov V.A., Karpinsky M.G.
In memory of A.A. Neyman

Buyanovsky A.I.
New book publishing VNIRO «Shrimps and prawns of the Northern part Sea of Okhotsk»

Volume 160. 2016. Usage of the Russian Federation fishery resources

Antonov N.P.
Use of Russian fisheries resources in 2013

Alexandrova U.N., Ignatenko A.S., Perevalov OA, Poverennaya AA.,Rogov S.F., Leontiev S.Yu., Bondarenko M.V.
The status of fishery resources and fish harvest in the Azov and Black Sea basin in 2013

Vasil’eva T.V., Shipulin S.V., Kanat’ev S.V., Tkach V.N., Lepilina I.N., Kalmykov V.A., Vlasenko A.D., Bulgakova T.I.
The modern status of raw materials base and its use by the fishery at the Southern fisheries region of the Volga-Caspian fishery basin

Arkhipov A.G., Gerber E.M., Kasatkina S.M., Lukatsky V.B., Nesterov AA, Nigmatullin Ch.M., Tymoshenko N.M., Chadaev V.A.
The use of the raw material base by fishing fleet of the Russian Federation in the AtlantNIRO areas of responsibility in the Atlantic Ocean

Shurukhin A.S., Lukin A.A., Pedchenko A.P., Titov S.F.
Modern condition of fishery and effectiveness using of fish supply in the Finnish Bay of the Baltic Sea

Shibanov V.N., Fomin K.Yu.
The results of the Russian bottom trawl fishery in North-Western Atlantic in 2013

Shibanov V.N., Krysov A.I., Murashko P.A.
On the results of the Russian midwater trawl fishery in the Norwegian Sea in 2004 – 2013

Borisov V.M., Drevetnjak K.V., Grekov A.A., Russkikh AA.
The use of the fishing stocks by the native fleet in the Barents Sea and adjacent waters in 2013

Ul’chenko V.A., Matkovsky A.K., Stepanov S.I., Kochetkov P.A., Yankova N.V., Gadinov А.N.
Fish resources and their development in the estuaries of the Kara Sea and the Laptev Sea

Antonov N.P., Klovatch N.V., Orlov A.M., Datsky A.V., Lepskaya VА, Kuznetsov V.V., Yarzhombek А.А., Abramov АА, Alekseev D.О., Moiseev S.I., Evseeva N.А., Sologub D.О.
Fishing in the Russian Far East fishery basin in 2013

Skakun V.A., Brazhnik S. Yu., Pedchenko АА, Makarenkova I. Yu., Barabanshchikov E.I., Vasilyeva ТУ., Gadinov А.N., Ustiuzhinskii G.M., Dudkin S.I., Bondarenko L.G.
Analysis of fish stocks utilization in fresh water body bodies of Russia by native fishery in 2013

Boltnev A.I., Grachev A.I., Zharikov K.A., Zabavnikov V.B., Kornev S.I., Kuznetsov V.V., Litovka D.I., Myasnikov V.G., Shafikov I.N.
Resources of marine mammals and its harvest in 2013

Volume 159. 2016.

Penkin M.A,. Yarichevskaya N.N.
Analysis of the conversion factors for some types of products from North-East Arctic cod and haddock

Kharenko E.N., Artemov R.V., Novosadov A.G., Presnyakov A.V.
Аnalysis of norms of refined crab products brined and airfreezed

Abramova L.S., Kopylenko L.R., Rubtsova T.E., Pogrebisskaya A.L., Kozin A.V.
The substantiation of safety criterion of fish raw material using a method of food combinatorics

Vafina L.Kh., Rubtsova T.E., Kozin A.V., Volkova A.B., Miteshova T.S.
Characteristic of water living resources of water bodies situated near Moscow by safety and quality indicators

Mikhlai S.A., Vafina L.Kh., Rubtsova T.E., Baryshnikova Yu.E.
Results of studies of quality and safety indicators of aquatic bioresourses at the stages of transportation, storage and realization

Akishin V.V., Istomin I.G., Tatarnikov V.A.
Underwater monitoring of longline fisheries in the Barents Sea

Arnautov M.V., Abramova L.S., Gershunskaya V.V.
Study on rational modes of enzymatic hydrolysis of mussel meat

Boeva N.P., Bochkarev A.I., Bredikhina O.V.
The development of low-waste technology for concentrating secondary raw material resources of fish processing plants by ultrafiltration method using ceramic membranes

Gershunskaya V.V., Abramova L.S., Gerzhova T.V.
Study of rational parameters for the technological process of special salads from laminaria

Slapoguzova Z.V., Boltnev A.I., Abdurakhmanov A.G., Vafina L.Kh.
Marine mammals as raw materials for food production

Ignatova T.A.
Optimal conditions for the biomass pretreatment and the agar extraction from the Vietnamese red algae Gracilaria tenuistipitata and Gracilariopsis bailiniae

Akhmerova E.A., Kopylenko L.R., Vaphina L.Kh., Kurlapova L.D.
The substantiation and development of the technology of flying fish salted caviar

Khamzinа A.K., Kopylenko L.R., Kurlapova L.D. Vaphina L.Kh.
Substantiation of salmon caviar technology obtained from frozen ovaries

Podkorytova A.V., Ignatova T.A., RodinaT.V.
Complex resource-saving technology of red alga Ahnfeltia plicata from the White Sea: obtaining of agar, food fiber and feeding products

Sytova M.V.
Implementation of scientific approaches of sturgeon sector development on the basis of sturgeon products traceability

Igonina I.N., Filippova S.V., Zhukova V.P., Scherbakova E.N., Terkulov M.A.
The role of interstate standards in the Technical regulations within the EAEC Customs Union

Levashov D.E.
Characteristics rationing of fishing research vessels’ noise field with the aim of minimization of its influence on fish behavior during fishery-acoustic survey

Ramazin A.N.
Some scientific and methodological aspects of metrological supply of conductivity and sea water temperature measurements with CTD-probes

Ramazin A.N.
Installation and methods of modeling of algorithm temperature compensation of oceanographic CTD-probes pressure sensors

Levashov D.E., Tishkova T.V.
R/V “Discovery”: an expeditionary research vessel of new generation, designed with taking into account fishing concentrations possible reaction to a noise field of the vessel .

Moiseev S.I., Moiseeva S.A.
The data of operational monitoring of commercial crabs in the Okhotsk Sea in the autumn–winter 2015

Lapina N.M., Gruzevich A.K., Gangnus I.A., Trigub A.G.
The expedition studies of aquatic living resources habitat on the freshwater bodies of Central Russia in 2015

Volume 158. 2015. Pacific salmon

Zelenikhina G.S., El’nikov A.N., Tochilina T.G.
The downstream migration of juvenile pink and chum salmon in Reydovaya River Iturup Island (South Kuril Islands) in spring–summer season of 2014

Vedishcheva E.V., Gritsenko О.F.
On mass return of seaward migrated chum salmon Oncorhynchus keta (Walbaum) smolts into river waters

Khrustaleva A.M., Klovach N.V.
Population structure of sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerka from north-east Kamchatka coast, Chukotka and Commander Islands

Klovach N.V., Sedova M.A., El’lnikov A.N.
Features of the spawning stock of chinook salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha from the Apuka River (North-Eastern Kamchatka)

E.V. Shulgina, B.P. Smirnov
Determination of readiness of hatchery and wild coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch (Walbaum, 1792) juveniles for seaward migration

Esin E.V., Leman V.N., Chalov S.R.
Salmon spawning topography and structure of breeding groups in the rivers of East Kamchatka during the high abundance of spawning stocks

Frenkel S.E., Smirnov B.P.
Juvenile chum and pink salmon feeding in the Kurilsky gulf (Iturup Island) in July, 2010

Zhivoglyadov, A.A., Zhivoglyadova, L.A., Metlenkov, A.V.
Mass fish species feeding in saltwater Tunaicha Lake (South-Eastern Sakhalin) in spring, 2012

Glubokovsky M.K., Lepskaya V.A., Vedishcheva E.V., Klovach N.V.
Fishery for Pacific salmon in the North Kuril waters: history, current status and prospects

Bugaev A.V., Tepnin O.B.
Productivity of Pacific salmon: influence of water thermal conditions during the period of first winter in the basin of North Pacific

Vanyushin G.P., Tsareva V.A., Uglova Т.Y., Kruzhalov M.Y.
Comparative evaluation of the results of the pink salmon fishery and temperature conditions of the marine environment determined by the satellite data in the South Kuril area

Tarasyuk E.V., Tarasyuk S.N.
Assessment of juvenile coho salmon growth rates within different temperature conditions

Tochilina T.G., Smirnov B.P.
Mature pink salmon juveniles Oncorhynchus gorbuscha (Walbaum) in the Iturup Island coastal waters (the Southern Kuril Islands)

Kotenev B.N., Krovnin А.S., Кlovach N.V., Мordasova N.V., Мuriy G.P.
Impact of climatic and oceanographic factors on the state of main pink salmon stocks, 1950–2015

Boeva N.P., Petrova M.S., Artemova A.G., Baskakova Y.A.
New technology of food fish oil from heads of salmon (Oncorhynchus)

Gorin S.L.
History of studying of Kamchatka estuary

Gorin S.L., Koval M.V.
Multidisciplinary Researches in the Penzhina and Talovka River Mouth in 2015

Pereladov M.V., Sidorov L.K., Botvev D.A., Vagin A.V., Chochlov A.V., Ischakov A.A.
Complex coastal zone surveys of the Northern Kuril Islands at August–September, 2015

Goryanina S.V.
The studies of red king crab in the Barents Sea in 2015

Petrov A.F., Piyanova S.V., Gordeev I.I., Sytov A.M., Deminа N.S.
In memory of Konstantin Shust: scientific biography

Volume 157. 2015. Proceedings of the Second scientific school of VNIRO for young scientists and specialists. Part II

Volume 156. 2015. Proceedings of the Second scientific school of VNIRO for young scientists and specialists. Part I

Volume 155. 2015

Sologub D.
Hydroacoustic Observation of Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba) in Atlantic Sector of Antarctica During 2010/11 season

Khoroshutina O. A., Metelyov E. A.
Distribution of Some Species of Gastropods Depending on Habitat Conditions in the Northwestern Part of the Okhotsk Sea

Borisov V. M.
Dynamics of Stock and the Existing Harvest Control Rule of NEA Cod

Maznikova O. A., Afanasiev P. K., Datsky A. V., Orlov A. M., Antonov N. P.
Distribution, Biology, and Stock Condition of the Pacific Black Halibut Reinhardtius hippoglossoides matsuurae Based on Data of Various Fishing Gears in the Western Bering Sea and off the Eastern Coast of Kamchatka

Klevakin A. A., Loginov V. V., Moiseev A. V.
The Distribution of Larvae and Early Juvenile Fish in the Region of the Nizhegorodskaya HPP and the Definition of Direct Loss of Aquatic Bioresources in the Initial Stages of Development in the Use of Water for Hydropower Generation

Kuznetsov V. V., Kuznetsova E. N., Goncharov S. M., Popov S. B., Belorusceva S. A., Mititello A. V.
Assessment of Influence of an Artificial Reef on Freshwater Hydrobionts

Radchenko V. I.
Characterization of the Sea of Okhotsk Ecosystem Based on Ecosystem Modelling

Yarzhombek A. A.
Distance between Fishes in the Shoals and the Possibility of Estimating Their Biomass

Borisov R. R.
Allometry of Setae of the Mouthparts of the Giant Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii and the Australian Red Claw Crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus (Decapoda)

Sapozhnikov V. V., Metrevely М. P.
Organic Matter Stoichiometry as a Basis for Quantitative Studies of Production and Destruction Processes in the Oceans

Savotin D. V.
Calculation of Mouth Shape of Trawls with Hexagonal Meshes

Levashova S. S., Glubokov A. I.
Role of VNIRO in the ASFIS/ASFA International Cooperation

Petrov A. F., Kuznetsova E. N., Gordeev I. I., Polonskij V. E., Mitenkov Yu.A., Anosov S. E., Maslyankin G. E., Borodin E. V., Vafiev A. A., Churin D. A., Polischuk M. I.
On the Russian Scientific Observation on Fishing of Dissostichus spp. in the CCAMLR Area in the Season 2014/2015

Arzhanova N. V., Gruzevich A. K., Zubarevich V. L., Kotova O. V., Torgunova N. I., Khramtsova A. M.
Oceanological Researches in the Ura Guba (Barents Sea) in July, 2015

Dukhova L. A., Zozulya N. M., Sytov A. M.
Multidisciplinary Researches in the Southern Ocean during Australian Summer 2014–2015 onboard RV «Akademik Fedorov»

Andronov P. Yu., Korneychuk I. A.
Studies of the Spatial Distribution of Humpback and Northern Shrimps in the Russian Part of the Japan Sea in 2015

Nikolaev A. I.
In memory of Igor Burtsev

Volume 154. 2015

Sologub D.
Distribution and Age Structure of Euphausiids Larvae at the Western Antarctic Peninsula (Subarea 48.1)

Bandurin K.V., Karpinsky M.G.
Changes of the Northern Shrimp’s States in the Northern Part Sea of Okhotsk during Reproductive Cycle and Molting Cycle

Lischenko F.V.
Short-Term Variation of Biological Condition of Commander Squid (Berryteuthis magister) Concentrations in the Northern Kuril Islands Area in Spring and Summer of 2014

Orlov A.M., Baitalyuk A.A.
Comparative Analysis of Distribution of Two Anadromous Parasitic Lampreys in the North Pacific

Zhivoglyadova L.А., Dairova D.S., Labay V.S
Syrton Composition and Diurnal Periodicity of Drift of Stream Bottom Invertebrates in the River of Tym’ and Its Upper Tributary Uglovoy Stream (Sakhalin Island)

Evseeva N.V.
Structure of Cenopopulations of Commercial Fucus Algae in the Intertidal Zone of the Western Murman

Novosadova A.V., Novosadov A.G.
About Necessity of Correcting Coefficient at Researches of Sterlet Eggs after Fixation

Patin S.A.
Anthropogenic Impact on Marine Ecosystems and Living Resources: Sources, Effects, Problems

Sytova M.V., Vafina L.H., Abramova L.S.
General Provisions of Traceability Systems for Food Fish products on the Territory of the Russian Federation

Yarichevskaya N.N., Kharenko E.N., Fomicheva L.F.
Development of Optimum Parameters of Ultrasonic Processing of Crab Raw Materials in Technology of Frozen Production from Crabs

Khamzina A.K., Kopylenko L.R., Kurlapova L.D.
The Impact of Glazing on the Quality and Safety of Frozen Roe of Salmon During the Storage

Akhmerova E.A., Kopylenko L.R., Kurlapova L.D.
Pre-Processing of Dried Roе of Flying Fish to Ensure the Safety of the Finished Product

Chernyshkov P.P., Sapozhnikov V.V.
About the Conference XVI on fisheries oceanography, took place in Kaliningrad on base AtlantNIRO 8-12 September 2014

Volume 153. 2015. Artificial reproduction and aquaculture

Sergieva Z.M., Burlachenko I.V, Nikolaev A.I., Yakhontova I.V.
The main stages of development of restocking of natural fish resources in Russia

Kostuynichev V.V., Bogdanova VA, Shumilina A.K., Ostroumova I.N.
Artificial reproduction of fishes in the northwest of Russia

Melchenkov Ye.A., Kanideva T.A.
Results of investigations in the field of acclimatization and fishfarming cultivating perspective objects of aquaculture

Khainovsky K.B.
Artificial reproduction of aquatic bioresources in the Kaliningrad region - experience, issues and prospects

Litvinenko A.I., Semenchenko S.M., Kapustina Yi.A.
Artificial reproduction of the valuable fish species of Ural and Siberia: current status, problems and perspectives

Voronova Z.B., Dzyumenko N.F., Afanasiev S.G., Zhuravlev O.I., Peterfeld VA.
Historical development and current status of the artificial reproduction of natural fish resources in the lake Baikal fishery basin

Kaev A.M., Ignatyev Yu.I.
The progress of Pacific salmon hatchery culture in the Sakhalin-Kuril region and its importance for fishery

Leman V. N., Smirnov B. P., Tochilina T. G.
Pacific salmon hatchery program on Russian Far East: current status and essential problem

Akulin V.N., Dzizyurov V.D., Pozdnyakov S. Y.
Aquaculture in the Far East - yesterday, today and tomorrow

Burlachenko I.V., Yakhontova I.V.
Aquaculture tehnologies in restocking: the modern status, the problems and solutions

Nikolaev A.I., Serbulov D.N., Nikolaeva N.A., Burtsev I.A., Savicheva N.A., Marchenko T.M.
Stages of development of artificial Reproduction of sturgeon species in Volgograd sturgeon plant

Burtsev I.A.
Recommendations on improving the efficiency of industrial sturgeon reproduction

Efimov A.B.
About the problem of compensation for damage to the water bioresources caused by the planned economic activity

Kovatcheva N.P., Kryahova N.V., Borisov R.R.
Feeding strategy of early development stages of red king crab Paralithodes camtschaticus (Tilesius, 1815) in artificial conditions

Volume 152. 2014. Modern methods of an assessment of aquatic bio productivity of World’s ocean waters fishing grounds

Sapozhnikov V.V.
Hydrochemical methods of the bioproductivity assessment in fishing grounds of the World Ocean

Agatova А.I.
Biochemical approaches to estimates of the World Ocean productivity

Mordasova N.V.
Indirect estimation of water productivity by the chlorophyll content

Levashov D.E.
The instrumental methods for estimating fish stocks food base using optical measurement principles

Kivva K.K.
Assessment of primary production in the Bering with new approach

Dukhova L.A., Sapozhnikov V. V.
Hydrochemical features of primary production within the Peruvian and Canary upwelling areas

Lapina N.M., Torgunova N.I., Agatova A.I.
Biochemical monitoring of the Russian Arctic Seas under the climate change

Arzhanova N.V., Artamonova K.V.
Hydrochemical structure of water masses in areas of the Antarctic krill (Euphausia Superba Dana) fisheries

Maslennikov V.V., Artamonova K.V., Dukhova L.A.
Temporal and spatial variability of total productivity of the Antarctic waters

Lapin S.A.
Specific features of formation of the high-productivity zones in the Ob’ inlet

Dudina T.V.
Primary production of phytoplankton and benthic primary producers’ community in the South-Eastern Barents Sea under conditions of polar day

Orlova E.L., Boitsov V.D., Ivshin V.A., Dolgov A.V., Nesterova V.N.
Main factors in formation of planktonic communities structure in the northern Barents Sea under warming period in Arctic

Dolgov A.V., Benzik A.N., Chetyrkina O.Yu.
Feeding Peculiarities of non-target fish and their role in productivity of the Kara Sea ecosystem

Kotenev B.N., Krovnin А.S., Maslennikov V.V., Mordasova N.V.
On future state of mass hydrobiont populations in highly-productive areas of the world ocean

Volume 151. 2014. Modern aspects of the quantitative analysis of fisheries of raw materials

Babayan V., Bulgakova T., Vasilyev D., Mikhaylov A., Antonov I., Moiseenko G.
Walley pollock of the east part of the Okhotsk sea stock size and TAC assessment with the use of «Rybolovstvo» data base

Babayan V., Vasilyev D., Bulgakova T.
Estimation of unaccounted catch values

Bakanev S.V.
Stock assessment of red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) in the Barents Sea in 1994-2011

Bulgakova T.I. , Babayan V.K. , Vasilyev D.A. , Mikhailov A.I. , Safaraliev I.A.
Aspects of improvement of Caspian sturgeon trawl survey methodology

Vasilyev D., Babayan V.
Robust likelihood functions for estimation of parameters of stock-fishery models

Vasilyev D., Babayan V., Bulgakova T.
The use of tagging data to increase reliability of stock assessment results

Ilin O.I. , Sergeeva N.P., Varkentin A.I.
East Kamchatka walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) stock and TAC assessment based on the precautionary approach

Ilin O. I., Trofimov I. K., Zolotov A. O., Terentyev D. A., Novikova O.V., Varkentin A. I.
Estimation of instantaneous natural mortality rate of Gadidae family of the Kamchatka shelf

Katugin O.N., Kulik V.V., Mikhailov A.I.
Validation of statistical significance for the influence of climatic factors on the Scoolmaster Gonate Squid (Berryteuthis magister)

Korzhev V.A.
The estimation of the size and management of the fisheries of the harp seal Pagophilus groenlandicus of the White sea population

Mikheyev A.A.
Solution of balance equations for a model of fishery depletion of the non-isolated population

Mikheyev A.A.
Application of model of the open exploited population to assessment of the local stocks

Kostitsyn V.G.
Assessment of the dynamics of fish mortality in exploited populations (cases of selective fisheries)

Shashulovsky V.A., Mosiyash S.S.
The methodological approach to determination of the cumulative allowable catch of fishes of small reservoirs

Novoselov A., Studenov I.
The dynamics of stocks and some biological parameters of whitefish species in the Pechora river

Sechin Yu.T.
Fish catch forecasting efficiency on the freshwater reservoirs

Shibaev S.V., Sokolov A.V.
Method of analysis of ichthyocenosis in small water-bodies of Kaliningrad oblast by means of catches of gill nets

Borodin R.G., Vasilyev D.A., Efimov Yu.N.
Method of TAC assessment on the basis of bioeconomic modeling

Vasilyev D., Efimov Yu., Krysov A.
To the amendment of the Norwegian spring –spawning herring management plan

Kovalev Yu., Kleptsova N.
Evaluation of Northeast arctic cod stock harvest rates corresponding to different management objectives

Kotenev B.N., Klovach N.
In memory of Oleg Fedorovich Gritzenko

Volume 150. 2013. The Black Sea. Current state of an ecosystem and ways of increase of fishery importance

Glubokovsky M.K.
From the chief editor

Pereladov M.V.
The Black Sea. From the editor

Glubokovsky M.K., Kotenev B.N.

Pereladov M.V.
Modern status and biological aspects of Veined RapaWhelk (Rapana venosa) in the North-East Black sea

Kumantsov M.I.
The Black Sea Turbot: the Stocks’ Conditions and theWays of Their Preservation and Restoration

Maslova O.N.
Black sea turbot Scophthalmus maeoticus breeding and farming: problems and methods

Skljarov V.J., Bondarenko L.G., Kovalenko J.I., Petrashov V.I., Kashirin A.V., Chernykh E.N.
Aquaculture on the South of Russia, prospects for development

Agatova A.I., Lapina N.M., Torgunova N.I.
Biochemical monitoring of the Black Sea CoastalWaters

Sapozhnikov V.V., Arzhanova N.V., Lapina N.М., Agatova А.I., Torgunova N.I., Zozulya N.М.,
Bondarenko L.G., Vishnevsky S.L., Radchenko S.V., Roi V.I., Stolyarski S.I., Polonsky V.Е.
Complex ecological studies in Kerch Strait and Taman’ bight after oil spill (2007–2010)

Terentyev A.S.
Change in the bottom biocenoses species composition in the Black Sea area before the Kerch Strait as a result of silting

Kumantsov M.I., Kuznetsova E.N., Lapshin O.M.
Comprehensive approach to fisheries management in the Black sea

PodkorytovaA.V., Vafina L.Kh.
Chemical composition of brown algae from the Black Sea: genus Cystoseira, perspectives for their use

Levashov D.E., Sapozhnikov V.V.
The Black Sea as a polygon of working off new technology of oceanological surveys

Levashov D.E., Bulanova N. P.
Hydrobiological probes of TRAP family and the features of mesoplankton instrumental monitoring in the Black Sea

Goncharov S.M.
Hydro-acoustic surveys as tool of monitoring of pelagic fish abundance in the Black Sea

Kotenyov B. N.
For 150-anniversary of Nikolay Mikhaylovich Knipovich birth

Bondarenko M. V., Klovach N. V.
For centenary celebration of Ekaterina Adamovna Yablonskaya birth, who was the outstanding researcher of ecology and fauna of Russian southern seas (1912-2001).

Volume 149. 2010. International fishing activities of the Russian Federation at the current stage

Volume 148. 2010. Artificial reproduction of valuable hydrobionts, acclimatization and aquaculture. To the 100th anniversary since the birth of professor of VNIRO A.F. Karpevich

Volume 147. 2007. Sea commercial invertebrates and algae: biology and fishing. To the 70th anniversary since the birth of Boris Georgiyevich Ivanov

Volume 146. 2006. Methodical aspects of researches of the Far East seas fish

Volume 145. 2005. International fisheries cooperation of Russia: history, problems and prospects

Volume 144. 2005. Coastal hydrobiological researches

Volume 143. 2004. Applied biochemistry and technology of hydrobionts

Volume 142. 2003. Bottom ecosystems of the Barents Sea

Volume 141. 2002. Fish ecological physiology and biochemistry in the sense of water bodies productivity

Volume 140. 1980.

Volume 139. 1979.

Volume 138. 1979.

Volume 137. 1979.

Volume 136. 1979.

Volume 135. 1978.

Volume 134. 1978.

Volume 133. 1979.

Volume 132. Iss. 3. 1978.

Volume 131. 1978.

Volume 130. 1978.

Volume 129. Iss. 2. 1978.

Volume 128. 1978.

Volume 127A. 1977.

Volume 126. 1977.

Volume 125. 1977.

Volume 124. 1977.

Volume 123. 1977.

Volume 122. 1977.

Volume 121. 1977.

Volume 120. 1978.

Volume 120A. 1977.

Volume 119. Iss. 2. 1977.

Volume 118. 1976.

Volume 117. 1976.

Volume 116. 1976.

Volume 115. 1976.

Volume 114. 1976.

Volume 113. 1976.

Volume 112. 1976.

Volume 111. 1975.

Volume 110. 1976.

Volume 109. 1975. Fish capacity bases of the Sea of Azov

Volume 108. 1975. Biological productivity of the Caspian Sea

Volume 107. 1975. Fishery in the conditions of aquatic living resources complex usage

Volume 106. 1975. Far East salmons (Salmonidae)

Volume 105. 1975. Biological resources of productivity of Georgian SSR water bodies

Volume 104. 1974. Ways of increase of fishing industry effectiveness of the Sea of Azov-Black Sea Basin

Volume 103. 1974. The Azov Basin raw resources and perspective of their development

Volume 102. 1974. Reproduction of sturgeons (Acipenseridae)

Volume 101. 1974. Problems of efficient fishery, technology and mechanization in the Caspian Basin

Volume 100. 1974. Ecological aspects of chemical and radioactive pollution of aquatic medium

Volume 99. 1974. Distribution and biology of commercial invertebrates and algae

Volume 98. 1974. Oceanologic conditions of the World Ocean organic resources reproduction and distribution

Volume 97. 1973. Organization and equipment of fishery

Volume 96. 1975. Fish physiology problems

Volume 95. 1974. Improvement of caught raw materials processing technique

Volume 94. 1973. Problems of efficient sea fishery and reproduction of sea fish and invertebrates

Volume 93. 1973. Fishery raw resources and their usage (areas and sea fishery objects)

Volume 92. 1973. Fish rearing plant reproduction of sturgeons (Acipenseridae)

Volume 91. 1973. Fluctuations regularities of fish abundance and commercial forecasts

Volume 90. 1972. Fishery biological resources and their usage

Volume 89. 1972. Fishery biological resources and their usage

Volume 88. 1972. Technology and mechanization of fish and non-fish objects processing

Volume 87. 1971. Biological sources and ways of natural reproduction efficiency increase and artificial cultivation of valuable commercial fish

Volume 86. 1971. Biological sources and ways of natural reproduction efficiency increase and artificial cultivation of valuable commercial fish

Volume 85. 1972. Fish physiology problems

Volume 84. 1973. Division into districts of the World Ocean on species composition of aquatic living resources

Volume 83. 1972. Fluctuations regularities of fish abundance and commercial forecasts

Volume 82. 1971. (Proceedings of TINRO, Vol. 80) Sea mammals (fur seals and seals)

Volume 81. 1971. Biological sources and ways of natural reproduction efficiency increase and artificial cultivation of valuable commercial fish

Volume 80. 1973. Fish food reserve of the USSR South Seas and its usage

Volume 79. 1971. Trudy. (Volume is devoted to the 50th anniversary from the date of signing of the decree about Plavmornin institute foundation)

Volume 78. 1971. Mechanization of hard and labor-consuming operations in fishing industry

Volume 77. 1972. Distribution of plankton, nekton and benthos in oceans and open seas

Volume 76. 1970. Fish and food invertebrates acclimatization in the seas of the USSR

Volume 75. 1972. Oceanologic conditions of the World Ocean organic resources reproduction and distribution

Volume 74. 1970. Fish culture in natural water bodies

Volume 73. 1970. Fish products technique

Volume 72. 1971. Soviet fishery researches in the Indian Ocean

Volume 71. 1970. Fisheries biological sources and regulation of sea fishery

Volume 70. 1970. (Proceedings of TINRO, Vol. 72). Soviet fishery researches in the North-east Pacific

Volume 69. 1970. Fish physiology problems. Iss. 2

Volume 68. 1968. (Proceedings of TINRO, Vol. 62) Web-footed mammals (Pinnipedia) of the North Pacific Ocean

Volume 67. 1969. Fisheries biological sources and regulation of sea fishery. Iss. 1

Volume 66. Pt. 2. 1969. Marine biological resources of Antarctic

Volume 66. Pt. 1. 1969. Marine biological resources of Antarctic

Volume 65. 1969. Problems of commercial hydrobiology

Volume 64. 1968. (Trudy AzCherNIRO, Vol. 28) Soviet fishery researches in the Indian Ocean and surrounding waters. Iss. 1..

Volume 63. 1967. Fats and food products technology

Volume 62. 1967. Stocks assessment methods and forecasting of fish catches

Volume 61. 1966. Equipment of commercial fishing and fishing gear facility

Volume 60. 1966. Biological and oceanographic conditions of commercial fish aggregation

Volume 59. 1966. Mechanization of hard and labor-consuming operations in fishing industry

Volume 58. 1965. (Proceedings of TINRO, Vol. 52). Soviet fishery researches in the North-east Pacific. Iss. 4.

Volume 57. 1965. Researches on the program of the International geophysical year. Collection 2.

Volume 56. 1964. Sturgeons (Acipenseridae) of the South Seas of the Soviet Union. Collection 3.

Volume 55. 1964. Fish and food organisms acclimatization in the seas of the USSR. Iss. 2.

Volume 54. 1964. Sturgeons (Acipenseridae) of the South Seas of the Soviet Union. Collection 2.

Volume 53. 1964. (Proceedings of TINRO, Vol. 52). Soviet fishery researches in the North-east Pacific. Iss. 3

Volume 52. 1964. Sturgeons (Acipenseridae) of the South Seas of the Soviet Union. Collection 1

Volume 51. 1964. (Proceedings of TINRO, Vol. 54). Soviet fishery researches in the North-east Pacific. Iss. 3. Seals of the Far East

Volume 50. 1964. Collected articles on stock assessment method and compiling of commercial fish forecast

Volume 49. 1964. (Proceedings of TINRO, Vol. 51). Soviet fishery researches in the North-east Pacific. Iss. 2.

Volume 48. 1963. (Proceedings of TINRO, Vol. 50). Soviet fishery researches in the North-east Pacific. Iss. 1.

Volume 47. 1962. Equipment of commercial fishing and fishing gear facility

Volume 46. 1962. Researches on the program of the International geophysical year

Volume 45. 1962. Fish products technique

Volume 44. 1961. Fish physiology problems

Volume 43. 1960. Fish and food organisms acclimatization in the seas of the USSR. Iss. 1.

Volume 42. 1962. Fishery researches in the Baltic Sea

Volume 41. 1959. Equipment of commercial fishing and fishing gear facility

Volume 40. 1959. Fish products technique

Volume 39. 1959. Mechanization and automation in fish industry

Volume 38. 1959. Reconstruction of the Caspian Sea fish fauna

Volume 37. 1959. Fish products technique

Volume 36. Part 2. 1958. Fish behavior and commercial fish exploration

Volume 36. Part 1. 1958. Fish behavior and commercial fish exploration

Volume 35. 1958. Fish products technique

Volume 34. 1958. Population dynamics of sea fish

Volume 33. 1958. Biology and fishing of sea mammals

Volume 32. 1956. Cultivation of commercial fish

Volume 31. 1955. Reconstruction of the Sea of Azov fishery: in 2 volumes. Iss. 2

Volume 31. 1955. Reconstruction of the Sea of Azov fishery: in 2 volumes. Iss. 1

Volume 30. 1955. Equipment of commercial fishing and fishing gear facility

Volume 29. 1954. Fish products technique

Volume 28. 1954. Fisheries studies of the Black Sea fishery research survey of VNIRO

Volume 27. 1954. Mechanization of hard and labor-consuming operations in fishing industry

Volume 26. 1954. Biology and fishery of the Baltic Sea main commercial fish

Volume 25. 1953. Researches of Antarctic whales

Volume 24. 1953. Biological ways of fish capacity increase on fish-breeding farms

Volume 23. 1952. Fish products technique

Volume 22. 1952. Mechanization of fish catch and processing

Volume 21. 1952. Dynamics of commercial fish abundance

Volume 20. 1952. Fish products technique

Volume 19. 1951. Reproduction of the Caspian Sea migratory and semi-migratory fish

Volume 18. 1951. The Caspian Sea fish: materials on biology and taxonomy

Volume 17. 1949. Materials on reproduction and development of the North Sea fish

Volume 16. 1941. Reproduction of migratory and semi-migratory fish

Volume 15. 1940. Collected papers on fish and whaling fishery

Volume 14. 1940. Materials on herring biology of the Northern Caspian Sea

Volume 13. 1940. Collected papers on fish products refrigeration technique

Volume 12. 1939. White whale of the Soviet North: (raw base and fishing)

Volume 11. 1940. Caspian roach of the Northern Caspian Sea: pt.2

Volume 10. 1939. Caspian roach of the Northern Caspian Sea: pt.1

Volume 9. 1939. Collected papers on fish products technique

Volume 8. 1939. Papers on juveniles biology

Volume 7. 1938. Papers on marine organisms biology and chemistry

Volume 6. 1937. Collected papers on fish products technique

Volume 5. 1938. Works on sea geology

Volume 4. 1939. Fifty surveys of the expeditionary vessel «Persei»

Volume 4. Iss. 1. 1937. Fifty surveys of the expeditionary vessel «Persei»

Volume 3. 1935. Sea mammals of the Far East: (raw base and industrial usage)

Volume 2. 1935. Works of ichthyological laboratory

Volume 1. 1935. Geological researches on Novaya Zemlya