VNIRO - VNIRO and Moskvarium organized an event for young biologists devoted to World fish migration day
23 May 2016

VNIRO and Moskvarium organized an event for young biologists devoted to World fish migration day

On May 21st, 2016 members of Russian federal research institute of fisheries and oceanography (“VNIRO”) and Centre of oceanography and marine biology ‘Moskvarium” carried out a number of lectures and quizzes for young biologists dedicated to World fish migration day. This event has become a great and remarkable ceremony oriented to grow an attention towards ecological problems, reproduction of aquatic biological resources and protection of seas, lakes and rivers of Russia.

Russian scientists have celebrated World fish migration day annually since 2013. A variety of member-states becomes wider year by year, and nowadays more than 50 countries around the world are attached to this event. VNIRO and Moskvarium came in on World fish migration day and organized interesting lectures and an absorbing biological quiz for students of Moscow.

Some reports on fish migration and its global importance from young scientists of VNIRO and students of Dmitrov fishery technical institute took place in Moskvarium lecture-hall. Moreover, then the quiz showed a high-level of knowledge of students about marine biological diversity, ecology and geography of Russia. All participants were awarded with brand-name souvenirs and presents.

The youngest schoolchild Ilya Timofeev from Centre of assistance to family education “Alye Parusa” got a special present. In spite of his age he participated actively in the quiz and answered correctly on most of the questions.

From the lecture-hall young students made their way towards the museum where they had an excursion guided by ichthyologists of Centre of oceanography and marine biology.

Such-like events as World fish migration day help to broaden students’ and schoolchildren’s outlook and grow an interest on the sea and biology at large.