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10 November 2019

The release of Beluga whales has been successfully completed – all the animals have returned to the wild

In Primorye, the operation to release marine mammals into the natural habitat has been completed. All remaining Beluga whales were released in the Bay of Uspeniya Lazovsky district of Primorsky Krai on Sunday November 10.

Recall, research work on the readaptation and return to the wild Beluga whales and killer whales contained in the adaptation center in the Bay of Srednyaya was carried out by the all-Russian research Institute of fisheries and Oceanography in accordance with the Instructions of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation. In the spring of 2019, the Scientific Council, which included experts from various scientific and public organizations, carried out a comprehensive work to assess the condition of animals, their conditions of detention, and developed a program for their readaptation and release into natural habitat. In the summer, work began in stages to transport and deliver marine mammals to their traditional habitats. The last issue started on November 5 and ended today. All animals kept in theSrednyaya Bay have been returned to the wild.

Despite the complexity of the organization of this unique work, thanks to the professionalism, tremendous efforts and responsible attitude of all participants of the operation, all releases were successful. Issues were held in close cooperation with state regulatory authorities and regularly covered in the media, representatives of the media and public environmental and animal protection organizations were invited to participate in the events.

VNIRO expresses it’s gratitude to all participants of the graduation process, representatives of state bodies and public organizations,as well as citizens for their help and support.

VNIRO Press Service