VNIRO - Museum

Museum Exposition “The World of the Sea Depths”

We would like to invite you to “The World of the Sea Depths” Museum of the All-Russian Research Institute for Fishery and Oceanography.

It was the idea of S.A. Studenetsky, director of VNIRO to organize a museum. It was decided to open a museum hall and arrange show cases with expositions on the floors of the institute.

Thus, the work on decorating the museum set off in 1983. It was first organized by K.S. Sidorov, a senior research associate of the laboratory of submarine studies, together with I.A. Tsukurov, a specialist of the laboratory of commercial oceanology. Show cases were ordered and dioramas were made. The laboratory gave shells, stuffed fish and aquatic mammals, bones and skulls of extinct marine animals to the museum. The specialists’ sailing directions now included gathering exhibit items for the museum, due to which the collection was refilled with exotic shells and corals, echinoderms, crabs and some samples of rare fish that were fixed for the further treatment. Basin institutes also helped the museum.

In 1995, A.A. Elizarov, director of the institute gave a special room for the collection exhibit items in order to continue the museum setting. Designers Olga and Fyodor Katayevs worked for the final version of the museum exposition. The institute specialists took an active part in building up the collection as well – they classified the exhibit items, determined their belonging to a particular type. A taxidermist A.E. Altukhov has long been making the exhibit items and taking care of their condition. 

The Museum of Sea Depths has also organized travelling exhibitions in Moscow, Tashkent and Tallinn. It was not only VNIRO which participated in them but also basin institutes and private collectors. In 1996, VNIRO museum took part in the “300th Anniversary of the Marine Fleet” exhibition which was held at Moscow Polytechnic University. 

Today, the museum visitors can observe a collection of corals and tropical mollusks, commercial fish and mammals, models of research and fishing vessels, diving equipment which was used by the first marine explorers and familiarize themselves with the methods of marine inhabitants breeding. There is a unique photo material on the history of the first expeditions on “Malygin” and “Persey” ships. The institute specialists continue giving photo albums and interesting photographs from their expeditions to the museum.   

VNIRO museum is visited by delegations of foreign scientists, employees and students of biological institutes and pupils.

Managing the documents on VNIRO history has been carried on since 2000 in order to create the institute’s chronicle.

The institute plans further reorganizing and expanding the museum’s exposition.

It is going to pay a lot of attention to VNIRO studies in the field of aquatic biological resources’ researching and protecting their habitat, problems of reproduction and development of valuable types of aquatic species, advanced technologies in making feed, dietetic and therapeutic products and health supplements as well as feeding and technical products from aquatic biological resources.  

The museum exposition is targeted at presenting VNIRO research activity, creating business and informative space for fishery specialists, increasing the interest to the research activity among students and pupils and popularizing the fishery field.  

If you have any questions concerning the museum operation, including arranging excursions, please, contact Tatiana Nikolaevna Mamaeva at + 7 (499) 763-20-96 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..